Portable Cutter

Cutting Tool Operating Instructions

1. Separate cutter by unscrewing flange nut (5).

2. Ensure cutter head (1) is connected to threaded shaft (2) but flange on shaft is not bottomed against cutter bore.

3. Insert connecting shaft (2) through bearing bore (3) and reassemble by tightening flange nut (5) by hand with locating fixture (4) seated in bearing groove (slight pressure).

4. Turn cutter with spanner wrench (provided) 5-10 turns.

5. Tighten hex nut on cutter head (1) (slight pressure – approximately 10°) and turn cutter with spanner wrench 5-10 turns.

6. Repeat step 5 until cutter has creased bearing lip .030 – .040. (Note: It is not necessary to cut completely through lip but as a precaution cutter teeth are dimensioned to not cut into housing).

7. Disassemble tool by unscrewing flange nut (5).

8. Press out bearing using removal tool.

Portable Cutter