Drill Press Cutter

Drill Press Cutting Tool Operating Instructions

1) Mount cutting tool (1) into drill press chuck or vertical milling machine.
2) Install Cutter’s Locating Fixture (4) into bearing to-be-removed by inserting pilot pin (3) with locating fixture (4) thru bearing bore (2) [FIG1]
3) Set Locating Fixture (4) with bearing mount (5) on the flat surface of the drill press/milling machine [FIG2]
4) Without turning on the spindle on the machine bring the cutter (1) down while adjusting position of the Locating Fixture (4) with bearing mount (5). Centralize pilot pin (3) of the Locating Fixture (4) with bore of the cutter (1)
5) Touch off cutter’s teeth with the surface of the outer ring of the bearing (2). Zero out the height on the scale of the machine or drill press [stop/pre-set]
6) Pull spindle/quill up
7) Add desired cutting depth to machine table stop/pre-set which should be greater than bearing grove’s depth plus approx.15%
8) Turn on the spindle and adjust its speed between 75-150 RPM
9) With part resting on locating fixture (4) slowly lower the spindle — ensuring cutter’s bushing is piloted onto the locating fixture pin (3) Situate spindle\quill right above the previously pre-set location and lock it.
10) Start cutting the bearing by bringing the machine table up or pressing spindle down depending on the machine type. Maintain steady feed
11) Previously pre-set stop should work as limiter of the spindle required travel. [FIG3]
12) Release pressure and withdraw tool from bearing/housing sub-assembly.
13) Inspect the bearing’s lip is cut properly per the requirements of the drawing or bearing removal specification.
14) Repeat steps 5 through 13 until bearing cutting is complete.

Do not grease cutters or bearing lip – Use cutting oil only.
Clean debris from tool teeth and bushing frequently using an air gun.

Portable Cutter