Ball Impression Staking Tool

1) Arbor or hydraulic press.
2) Proper staking tool for each bearing size to make an impression in the housing over the bearing chamfer. Tool consists of: Two anvils to make correct impressions displacing housing material into recess formed by bearing chamfer and edge of the housing and a pilot pin.

1) Clean housing bore of all contaminants and foreign material. No burrs shall exist on outside edges of bore.
2) Insure bearing is clean from contaminants.

1) Install bearing straight into housing. Make sure bearing is not cantered when pressing in. Do not push on inner race or shield.
2) Press bearing until centered in housing and outer race is flush with housing.

1) Apply light amount of machine oil to tool or housing.
2) Locate tool and bearing under press. Align tool with ram of press.
3) Make sure housing is perpendicular to press.
4) Gradually apply even force until impression reaches drawing specified depth.
5) Stake all housings using same load.

1) Verify depth of stake on both sides as specified.
2) Inspect bearing for flushness with housing. Asymmetry is permitted provided race faces are within (+,-) 0.01” of housing face or as specified.
3) Verify bearing is contained as specified.
4) Visually inspect for any irregularities.

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